Saturday, January 2, 2010


I willingly agreed went to see Avatar in 3D I can officially check that one off the list 'o Resolutions. Those looking for a review...I haven't stopped laughing long enough to actually process the plot line. Maybe someday soon.

In its place, I would like to add the following: donate hair to Locks of Love.

I have always, always, always, always wanted to do this. And I've begun the process no less then eleventy billion times. However, when a girl gets bored, there are three things that can happen: 1) she buys new shoes; 2) she organizes her purse; or 3) she cuts her hair.

I have loads and loads and loads of shoes and a purse that is organized within an inch of its zebra-fab life (a separate zipper pouch for my 47 lipglosses, for reals). I've also had (and loved) shortish hair for most of my post-high school life (with the exception of the growing out phases for my wedding, Kyle's wedding and Kelli's wedding) but every time I've attempted to actually grow it out enough for LoL, I get bored before reaching that precious 8 inch mark needed for donation. CHOP. Hair fail.

However, I find that right now is the perfect time to recommit myself to this lifelong goal. You see...if I were to chop this mop off now, I would look like someone snapped a head of lego hair atop a bowling ball. Yeah...short hair does NOT look good when these cheeks are chubby.

So, as I work on my "fit into skinny jeans" Resolution, I will also be growing my hair out for LoL. And when the day comes that I can glide those precious Seven For All Mankinds over these child-bearing hips without a tub of Vaseline and a small army of freakishly strong midgets, I will reward myself with a fabulously cute and new short haircut from a ridiculously overpriced Royal Oak salon.

Ready, set, GROW!

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