Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hot Mess.

I've just not been myself all week and I can't seem to find my mojo anywhere. My hair? A messy pile of a wash-and-go ponytail. Clothes? Standard sweaters and dress pants with no creativity in the realm of successories. Makeup? Foundation, mascara and lip gloss if you're lucky. Dinner? If it can be microwaved or ordered, I'm in. Exercise? Currently using the treadmill to hold the pizza boxes from Monday's dinner.

Basically, my life is a sight for sore eyes right now. Neverfear, though...'twill be back very, very soon. These funks usually last 4-5 days until I'm back to my cheerful, sarcastic self.

In the meantime, I shall tell a hilarious tale from the trenches of Corporate America. Allow me to set the stage for you: A co-worker (whom we shall refer to henceforth as "Tina") and I are desperately trying to hook a fellow friend and co-worker (whom we shall refer to as "Beth") up with an anonymous young chap from the 4th floor legal department. Yes, a lawyer. Yes, single. Yes, cute. Yes, snappy dresser. No, not gay.

So I'm telling "Beth" of my woes as listed above and she pipes back with, "Well, I personally wore a skirt today so we could go shopping for printer toner on the 4th floor."

HIGH-LARIOUS. I shall now spend my morning wandering to and fro the 4th floor supply room with Bethinaskirt so that we can scope out the goods.


Tina said...

Ok - That is funny --- Color Toner Shopping - here we come! Ok P.S. not sure anybody wants be seen with me though --- bad hair, bad make-up and bad outfit (aka winter funk here too.) Glad to know I am in company with the skirt in tow.

*cait* said...

A single lawyer, you say? Don't you know a single, cute law student/almost lawyer? I'm just sayin'...

Cheryl Martinson said...

Love following your blog:)