Thursday, January 21, 2010

To Drive Or Not To Drive?

That is the question.

Joey, Alex and I are going to CT to visit Kelli and David at the end of March. If you remember, Alex and I made the trip with my Mom back in October and did quite well barely survived.

After said trip, I vowed to never, ever make that drive again. God invented planes for a reason. Most likely because toll roads are evil, but I digress. No person should have to sit in a car for eleventy billion hours just to see her sister! It's preposterous!

I began searching for plane tickets for the March trip about a month ago. The prices are reasonable, and truth be told, we probably wouldn't save any money by driving. We have gas guzzling SUVs and both feel the strange urge to stock up on $20 worth of various road trip foods and/or collectible paraphernalia at pretty much every really, flying would probably be cheaper in the long run.

And then I remembered Alex. Yesyesyesyes...the little Mister that throws a wrench in my plans to casually arrive at the airport 30 minutes before boarding with nothing but a cardigan and an oversized purse with me.

Flying with a toddler (he will be by then) seems to complicate things. I'll have to check a stroller. And a carseat. And keep him quiet on the plane (which, let's be honest, I would do with the help of my friend Benadryl). And pack snacks for the trip. And diapers. And wipes. And toys.

We'd have to install the carseat in Kelli's car when she picks us up from the airport. We'd need to take that car with us everywhere we went, leaving Kelli without a car for the week (she still has to work while we're out there). We'd have to uninstall the carseat at the airport when we leave. And begin the whole thing again...

I mean, really. The entire process gives me a headache. So I'm going to say something I never thought I'd say: I think the better (and easier) choice is to drive to CT.

Le sigh. Common sense wins again.


Dawn said...

You don't know me, so my opinion may not count, but I'm going to give it to you anyways. I flew from the East coast to the West a week after my daughter turned 1, then again a week before she turned 2. We took a 10 hour road trip when she was 19 months old. I know this sounds rediculously crazy, but I'd rather fly. Either way is torturous, flying just lessens the amount of time I'm under torture. I checked out carseat at the plane, not the baggage claim just incase it didnt' make it and had my family purchase a $25 travel stroller so I didn't have to carry one. All of this being said, if my daughter was better in the car, which Alex sounds like he is, maybe my viewpoint would be very different.

The Agnello Family said...

Oh Kristi you can do it!!! Fly that is...Steve and I flew to Florida with the girls when they were 8 months old. I was VERY NERVOUS to say the least but they did great! The noise of the plane put them to sleep and they (thank God)slept for all 4 flights. We just brought the stroller with us and they put it right on the plane for us. Does Kelly know anyone in CT that has a carseat or stroller that you could borrow for the week?
We thought about driving but the reason we really went with flying was because the way there is never as're so excited about a week of VACATION! But....I'd be spending my week dreading the drive home...which is always depressing and sad, but add a baby to that mix and I'd be a disaster!
I have faith in can do it!
OK, just thought I'd share my experience flying with babies! It's not as complicated as it sounds! You can do it!


Brooke said...

We too flew with Trace (3) and Brady (8 months) to Seattle. It was not too bad. Brady slept on the plane, and had a few little crying spells here and there, but over all did pretty well. From my experience, airlines are pretty helpful when they see a family with a baby coming......they put your stroller on the plane with you, you get to board first, and they help out as much as possible. If you have 2 adults too, you can for sure do it!

Have you thought about renting a car once you get there? It's another cost, but you can rent a car seat with it, and then that's one less thing you have to haul with you on the plane, and you'd have a car all week!

Bring a back pack your husband can wear on his back so his 2 hands are free, and pack all snacks, diapers, wipes in this. Bring just enough diapers for the travel day, and then buy a small pack once you get to CT!

Just a thought! The drive would be fine too, I'm sure, but after hearing how loooooong Pennsylvania is, you might want to hop on a plane with your threesome!! :)

Annie D said...

I never drive with my 2, we always fly! Driving is too hard on them. If you are worried about not having a car, you could rent one, and you can even rent a car seat. I never bring a stroller with me anywhere so I've never checked one. I agree that maybe you could have your sister just buy a cheap umbrella stroller that she could maybe just keep at her house for the future. I also check everything at the ticket counter and make the older kid walk. My little one still fits in the baby bjorn. Between you and your husband, you will be fine!!!

Melissa said...

My parents live in Vegas and we had the same dilemma. They ended up buying a car seat on Craigs List to keep there; not super nice, but it does the job and it was pretty cheap. That way it's installed when we get to the airport and it just lives there. Oh, and I flew to Vegas from Illinois in October with a 3 year old and a 7 week myself! You can do it :) Especially with you and your mom - piece of cake!

Ebonie's Mummy said...

Travelling with kids is so tough. I always say holidays with kids are just more work!
We are due to leave for a week long trip tomorrow 4hrs in the car.
I am sure you guys will be right!
Good luck!