Monday, June 1, 2009

O. Ver. Rate. Ed.


To piggyback off my top ten list of things I could not live without, here's a list of the top five things I think are overrated. (Not enough time to type ten...I probably only have 7 minutes until total sonic meltdown of "Moooooooooooooom. Come feeeeeeeeeeed me this second or I will surely dieeeeeee!")

1. Dreft. Yes, it smells yummy and reminds people of babies. However, Tide Free (or All Free & Clear) is about $4 less and is hypoallergenic/scent free/ok to use. Over the course of that kid's life, that $4 will multiply into a trip to Disney.

2. Car seat protector mats. I can't take the credit for the genius of this idea, for we learned it in Madelyn's class on the carseat safety video. Instead of spending the $20 on the real deal, go to Wal-Mart and get a roll of the cabinet shelf liner - you know, the stuff that is squishy and grippy and looks like mini waffles? Use that instead. Works like a charm and saves you some serious moolah.

3. Facewash and toothpaste. Ha. This one is for mommy. What used to be your "before bed" or "morning" routine no longer exists. Your day is one big blur of semi-conscious feedings, changings and entertainings. Get yourself some cotton balls, astringent and mouthwash. That's your new morning routine. And, trust me, at 3 am when you feel fat, gross and smelly...a swipe of astringent and a swish of Listerine makes you feel like a totally new woman.

4. Baby washcloths. Yes, they are tiny and sweet and irresistible, but what can they do that a grown up washcloth cannot? Plus, you already OWN grown up washcloths.

5. Quality lunchtime. Exhibit A: I'm sitting here in our dining room, typing with one hand and scarfing down a can of Progresso soup (Weight Watchers, thankyouverymuch) and a few Wheat Thins (reduced fat, thankyouverymuchagain) in the aforementioned 7 minutes before sonic meltdown begins indicating the need for nourishment of the little one. Enjoy your meals while they are still your own. :)

6. Ooooh, there's time for a #6! Similac and Enfamil. Being the very savvy shoppers we are, Joe and I were very curious about the "off brand" or "store brand" baby formulas. I had compared labels here and there and really could never find a difference in nutrients or ingredients. And even with the very tempting $3-5 off coupons Similac and Enfamil send in the mail from time to time, they are still anywhere from $10-20 more expensive per can depending on where you shop. So, we asked our pediatrician and he actually gave us the whole story of how the "store brand" came to be. Apparently, there used to be a 3rd key player in the baby formula market (can't remember the name), but it's now the brand that is most popular in Europe. Eventually, this company couldn't compete with the ad buying/promotional power that Enfamil and Similac had in the United States, so they approached all the big chain stores and slowly became canned and labeled as their "store" brand. There is no difference! We actually get the Target brand, which is now called "Up and Up." At $11 for the big can, you can't beat it. It's only $0.90 more than the Costco brand and Alex finds it to be most delicious.

In other news, Alex went to his first baseball game on Saturday. Gramii and Papi took us to the Loons game in Midland. It was SO fun!! And he even got to see his first fireworks!


Shanni ♥ said...

I agree with pretty much all you said. My lil guy is older now so it's easier on me and we have our routines, but after you have kids "me time" goes out the window. "me time" consists during nap time and bed time. Which is of course when you're trying to work out, eat, fold laundry, clean the counters, do the dishes, vacuum (quietly), clean the bathroom, pick up the toys, catch up on conversations, shower, and of course sleep yourself!
But.. you know all about that! =)
It does get alot easier though.
Luckily I was able to breastfeed Ace for over a year, so we didn't have to spend our mortgage on formula.
Thanks for the tip about place mats for protecting my cars precious leather, my husband has a quilt behind the carseat now and it drives me NUTS! lol

P.S. You are freaking GORGEOUS!!

Nora said...

You look great! It def. doesn't look like you had a baby recently!

jackiedee said...

Thanks for the lowdown on the formula. I have been buying $24 plastic containers of Similac for 5 months now - because I didn't want short change Leighton on the 'store brand' kind. I have been curious too and I just recently read in a Parenting magazine about the off brands. Basically they say the same as you did that they are the exact same nutrients and ingredients. Well DUH. So we are also going to try the Up and Up brand at Target - Sensitive formula for Lei-Lei's tummy :)

my mid mid-life crisis said...

Can you explain why it is that you're at a baseball game in a sweatshirt and vest in May? I mean, HELLO Michigan! I'm pretty sure I was at a baseball game around the same time you were and I definitely was NOT in a sweatshirt. In fact, my capris and short sleeved shirt kept me comfortable.

Anonymous said...

Funny...Today I got an email with a book recomendation: "If You Give a Mom a Martini: 100 Ways to Find 10 Blissful Minutes for Yourself." It even talks about toothpaste. Hehe!

Amazon notes people bought it together with the HG book, so it could be a good read!