Friday, June 19, 2009


Today I was going to blog about something. I was going to be charming, witty, delightful, etc., etc. I was going to use my literary genius to make you love and adore me more than you already do.

But instead, I've been bamboozled into the perfect morning. I'm sitting here in my dimly lit dining room with a delicious cup of Christmas Blend Starbucks (I made Joe save ONE bag for when I wasn't PG); Alex is sleeping soundly in his swing next to the running dishwasher (awesome mom trick #23,559; washer/dryer has the same effect); hubby just smooched me goodbye on his way off to work; and the adjacent windows are open and it's gloriously warm outside and also raining cats and dogs. The. Perfect. Morning.

I shall revel in this moment while I peruse the other blogs I stalk read. Then, it's time to finish packing for Sister Weekend 2009. That's right, the girls are goin' OUT! We're off to Muskegon for the Miss Michigan pageant and to generally cause other shenanigans on the West side of the Mitten. (For those not in the know, my sister is sort of a big deal. Click here, here, or here for details.)

PS - My road trip also means it's Joe's first ever solo time with Alex. Perhaps we can have him guest blog about his experience next week?

PPS - (Or is it PSS? I always screwed it up in love notes as a youth.) We gave Alex a bath last night and I used these ready-to-use-pre-soaped-disposable nighttime washcloths. Mom rating? 10+++++!!! This particular box was a gift, but I am totally and completely prepared to pay out the nose to buy more. They are fan-freaking-tastic AND there's a "regular" version. I know, I know...I can get the same thing from a far cheaper bottle of nighttime wash and a washcloth, but I'm still not totally a fan of bath time and will do anything to reduce my anxiety over it. And it's not because I think Alex is going to drown or anything, I just don't like that he can't play and enjoy it just yet. I'm weird. I know. Oh, and the matching nighttime lotion? Smells delicious!

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Jackie D. said...

KVW - I didn't know that you and your sister were celebrity status :)
SO cool by the way! I feel so special that we are friends. And I didn't know that you are the little sister. For whatever reason, I thought she was younger. I think maybe because I heard you talk about her taking classes. Yeah - because she is in the 9,000,000th million grade of smartness! Another cool thing. How can one family have (2) siblings of equal prettiness, wittiness & smartness? Did I just make up some words? Ha, ha. Anyhow, just wanted to say that I thought it was what? Oh, yeah - SO cool :)