Monday, June 8, 2009

The End Of An Era.


Kelli turned in the keys to her apartment last week. But it wasn't just any apartment. It was MY apartment. My first home all by myself.

When I graduated from WMU (Go Broncos!) in May of 2005, I moved over to the east side of the state, specifically Rochester Hills, for a job. I still remember the day Mom, Kelli and I came apartment hunting and I found it - "the one." 'Twas perfect: giant bedroom, tons of counter space in the bathroom, walk up 2nd floor, nice kitchen/dining, great storage, laundry room...I signed the dotted line that very day.

That apartment (lovingly known as 1466) has been good to me, and a LOT has happened there. It began the day I moved in...trekking the three hours from Kalamazoo with Katy, my dad, the U Haul, a box of bagels and the worst hangover of my life. I threw up the bagel somewhere between 94 and 14. Once I was in, I started making my memories...

Many boys picked me up there for our first (and last) dates; Keliann and I have eaten at least 1,458 orders of La Shish hummus from the floor; it was where Joe picked me up for our first date; it was where he awkwardly kissed me for the first time (and then subsequently ran down the stairs faster than a cheetah); my bf and I spent the better part of an entire evening (when we could have been at a bar) hanging mirrors from IKEA, instead; for at least a month, I lived on nothing but Stove Top and boxed wine; my bachelorette party was held within those walls; I paid my own bills; I made all the decisions; it was my home.

When Kelli moved home from California, it was perfect timing. I was about to marry Joe, so she took over my lease. We were roomies for a few months, and it was some of the best times that 1466 has ever (and will ever) seen.

I always said that place was magical. Great things happened there. And it is so, so, so fitting that one of the last stories we can tell of 1466 was when David proposed to Kelli.

So although it's the end of an era, and one I am very, very sad about, I know that whoever takes the keys to 1466 next has great things in store. It worked for me. It worked for Kelli.

We'll miss you, old friend.


David and Kelli said...

Oh my goodness I totally cried reading this! I love 1466. I drove by there the other day :)

Keliann and Michael said...

So sad to see it go, but I still have a key!!! Thank you 1466, you hosted countless hours of entertainment, gluttonous eating, laugh sessions, b-day scavenger hunts, my first-date-with-MJ-pick-up-point, and once and a while a teary evening. We would not be the same with out having you to "come home to". You will be missed by all!!