Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Alex Gets Another Uncle!

David proposed to Kelli on Memorial Weekend...and she said YES! Two shocking tidbits about this: 1) Kelli is actually getting married, and b) David absolutely surprised her. (She's always said that girls who didn't know when boys were going to propose were "dumb.")

Which would explain why Joe, Alex and I were at Kelli's apartment until half past never o'clock on Sunday (You know, the fated Duct tape night?). Joe and I were tasked with preparing Kelli's apartment for the proposal...roses, champagne, candles, chocolate covered strawberries, balloons...the works. David texted us when they were about 30 minutes away, then we lit the candles and vamoosed outta there!

This was the scene (much cooler with the lights off):

And the happy couple:

Alex was a very sneaky accomplice (the blanket wrapped the other way around him was my brilliant duct tape alternate):

Welcome to the family, David!!


David and Kelli said...

YAY! Thank you so much for all your Ninja-ness. You three are the best! AND...thank you for putting a nice picture of me up. LOL. There were some doozies from 3am! xoxo

And yes, it hits me too...I'm getting married. WOW! and YAY!

Van Baby Maker said...

Don't forget about the very nice Police Officer who pulled us over while we were driving around and around and around Rochester at 3:30 AM waiting for the engagement news to break. He was so nice to let us off the hook when we told him our never ending tour of Kelli's neighborhood was simply an attempt to keep baby Alex from crying. It was a long long night but well worth the effort to make Kelli and David's engagement a special night (um... morning)

jackiedee said...

Yay for Kelli and David!!
So fun and so lucky to have each other!