Friday, June 26, 2009


1. Alex giggled for the first time today. I melted in my pants. Video to come soon.

2. Kelli found "the" dress for her wedding. She cried when she tried it on, which validates my life rule that if you do not cry when you see yourself in a mirror for the first time, that it's not "the" dress for you.

3. I love wine.

4. Confession: I ate a deep fried Oreo today. I only have a smidge of guilt because it was pretty much amazing. Life changing, even. It was so totally worth the extra Shred session that Jillian and I will have tomorrow.

1 comment:

David and Kelli said...

It is true! But no one but mom will know which one I ended up picking out of the two... muah ha ha :) :) :)