Thursday, June 18, 2009

2 Month Well Visit.

Alex had his 2 month well visit yesterday morning, but we almost didn't make it. Allow me to tell you why...

Joe got up with him at about 6 am - fed him, changed him, and put him in his swing. Best husband ever. I told you. Before he left for work, he woke me up to tell me that Alex was sleeping soundly in the living room. Usually, this little morning sleep party only lasts for like 20-40 minutes after Joe leaves, so I decided to snag some more sleep while I could.

Much to my surprise (and delight), I woke up on my own at 9:11 am. I moseyed into the living room to check on my still sleeping baby boy and thought to myself, "Self, I think Alex's appointment is at 10:30, but you should check your planner to be sure." I opened my little blue book, and about crapped my pants when I saw, "Alex - Dr. - 9:30 am."

AAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhh begin operation super speedy get ready for doctor's appointment NOW.

In the moments that followed, I: called Joe in a tizzy, peed, brushed my hair, put in my contacts, brushed my teeth, swiped my face with astringent (told you it comes in handy), put on deodorant, sprayed some body spray, changed my clothes, put my hair in a ponytail, woke Alex up, changed his diaper AND his clothes, made a bottle, packed the diaper bag, got him in the carseat and both of us out the door.

Please note that ALL of the above happened in NINE MINUTES, FLAT. From the timestamp on my phone when I called Joe to the moment I kicked the car in reverse was nine minutes. I am amazing. It can't be denied.

Regarding the actual appointment, Alex is still pretty much awesome.

1 Month Visit - 10 lbs. 5 oz. (50-75%ile); 22.5 in. long (25%ile); 35 cm. head (25/50%ile)
Today (2 Month) - 12 lbs. (50-75%ile); 22.75 in. long (25-50%ile); 37.7 cm. head (25-20%ile)

Our little man is right on track! He also got 4 immunizations...1 orally and 3 shots. He took it almost like a champ. He was happy as a clam until about 1.5 seconds after the first poke. Then he screamed bloody freakin' murder for about 45 seconds and then calmed down and just looked pissed off. Sorry, buddy...but it's for your own good!

He slept most of the day away, which was nice. I woke him up about every 5 hours to give him Tylenol to keep him as pain-free as possible. He's back to his normal, adorable self today!


*cait* said...

Very impressed, Mrs. VW. Very impressed. You are Wonder Woman!

David and Kelli said...


Jackie D. said...

Wow - that is an awesome display of fast mommy movin'. I cannot deny that I on the other hand would have been late. Only because when I rush my lil' punkin - she tends to retaliate by pooping after I strap her in her car seat :) And I cannot bear to have her sitting in poop (gross & stinky!) - thus making me late. Ha, ha.

Anonymous said...

Hi There! I found your blog through the Vier From My Shoes... I'm doing the shred also! I've been doing it for about 6 weeks. I did level 1 for 2 weeks, and I've been alternating levels 2 and 3 since then. I also count calories on the Daily Plate. I've only lost about 5 pounds total, but I feel so much better and look much more toned! Kudos to you on your shredding!

p.s. your baby is adorable! :)