Tuesday, July 2, 2013

All the things.

I'm doing some significant purging of late--call it nesting, call it OCD, call it just wanting to get the boxes of things out of my basement. Regardless, the hours and time I spent carefully boxing and labeling everything of Alex's from NB-3T was nothing short of a waste of time. Because this?

Is all going to friends that are having baby boys. Before you question my insanity, I'd rather try to shave my legs at this stage of pregnancy than even THINK about having a Mom2Mom sale or a garage sale. It a'int happening. 

Sure, I went through a few of the NB, 3 and 6 month boxes to pull out the things I want to save--like the gender neutral stuff, Christmas outfits or things that were just really special to me. But the rest? Goodbye!

And please say hello to the items that are taking their place. Specifically, the holiday items I cannot resist!

I will probably need an intervention at some point. But all of this is GREAT news for friends or family who might have a baby girl in the next 2-3 years...it will all be yours!


Kim and Steve said...

OOOoooh, I love purging!

JTalicska said...

Too bad we are not pregnant yet! I could have hit the mother load :-)

Keliann and Michael said...

Benjamin thanks you and Alex!!! And don't worry Jill it will make it your way when you are ready ;)