Monday, July 15, 2013

7 month itch.

So I'm getting to that point in pregnancy when I'm pretty much over it. Over the swelling. Over the hunger. Over the sleeplessness. Over the heartburn. Over the ninja kicks. Over. It.

And yet, there's nothing I can do to change anything about the above. But there IS something I can do about my hair. Hair and shoes. That's pretty much the only thing I have any control over as related to my person at this moment through October. And since we're all friends here we know that I'm teetering on the edge of even being able to wear shoes. Because Kim Kardashian called me and wants her feet back.

As such, I'm probably about to do something both a) drastic and 2) that I'll regret.Odds are high I will call my dear, sweet hair ninja Jenny over lunch and book myself a little appointment and I will come home as a blonde or with some terrible ombre or even worse...BANGS.

I'm on the cliff and there's no sense in talking me out of it. Because it's either that or I go out and get some maternity skinny jeans and we ALL know how that oxymoron ends.

Jenny, oh Jenny? I'm coming for you!


Anonymous said...

NO BANGS! 'nuff said

Lindsay said...

Oh man, I feel you, girlfriend. I almost chopped mine when I went in a couple weeks ago. I ended up chickening out because I knew I would hate myself for it. So I ended up with super-blonde highlights instead. I say, do what makes you happy but maybe do something un-do-able?

Eh. Screw it. Just do whatever makes you feel pretty.

Kim and Steve said...

Get a pedicure! At least do that.