Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hormones are a bitch, yo.

Yesterday was one of those days when Alex got a delightfully early bedtime (which he earned, let's be clear) and I retreated to the dark of my bedroom to decompress from the day and remove myself from all humankind. See also: DO NOT DISTURB. Unless you have wine. Then, please, disturb.

Alex has been especially...spirited...lately, and my energy and patience to deal with his 4 year old drama is all dried up come 6 p.m. The icing on this overcooked and dry parenting cake is that his sister has been a reeeeaaaaal dick lately herself. Pretty sure last night she had me by the ribs with her 25 week ninja deathstar grip and isn't going to let go anytime soon.

What I'm saying is I really just wanted to complain today so just keep reading along and I promise eventually I'll be back to my standard rainbows and unicorns shooting glitter out their bottom parts. Because I've got about 14 weeks left of these shenanigans and it's either I write my drama here and you suffer through it with me or I hop a plane to Cabo with nothing packed but a gross maternity swimsuit and some SPF 50 and I'll see you 'round later.


Sue said...

Hugs, handpats and there-theres for you.

Kim and Steve said...

How about you and I both hop a plane to Cabo together? I've got two four year old drama princes and a one year old cutting molars. But I try to keep the blog about rainbows and unicorns, too...