Monday, July 1, 2013


We took a little vacation (which Alex called a "day-cation"...appropriate, as we were gone all of 1 day) to Kalamazoo over the weekend. It's a quick drive, but still felt like a getaway.

We started Saturday at the Air Zoo, which I highly recommend if you live near the area. It's an awesome facility (clean & bright!) with games and activities and even rides for all ages--and a GREAT value. Alex even got to shake the hands of some Navy WWII Vets, which made me extra proud of my boy and this great country we live in.

He's on there!

4D movie!

Double jointed thumb, much?

We stayed at one of my favorite Kalamazoo Hotels, the downtown Radisson. As we were on the concierge floor (um, hai) we also got to attend the evening reception, which Alex called his "fancy party" much to the delight of everyone else in the room. We rode the escalators no less than eleventy billion times and spent a fair amount of time in the pool - just what we all needed. We even dined at some of my downtown favorites like Burdick's, Olde Peninsula and Food Dance.

We ended our hotel evening as all VeeDub hotel stays commence: with copious amounts of ice cream and cake (and sometimes even pizza) eaten in bed. I think it might be Alex's new favorite family tradition.

Before our journey home, we stopped at a few places on campus at my Alma Mater, Western Michigan University. My, how things have changed around there! But some of the best landmarks will never change:

With my future Broncos. :) 

All weekend I was trying to imagine what vacations will look like when bV gets here. Most notably, how we'll be able to make more than one "fancy hotel bed" for both her and her brother:


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Kim and Steve said...

Good for you! I sometimes imagine what vacations would look like with one 4 year old...they look like fun!!