Tuesday, April 16, 2013


After some thinking and creative sessions, Joey and I have come up with this baby's nickname: bV.

As some of you may or may not know, we've given all our babies nicknames in the womb to avoid calling them "it" or "baby" or "fetus." Alex was WIP (work-in-progress), and then we had the tWIPS (twins+WIP) and bDub (playing on baby+VDub).

For the most part, I had legitimately run out of ideas until this one came to me: bV! A twist on "Baby Van Wormer" and also "V" is the Roman Numeral for five...and this is our fifth baby.

Just a few more weeks until we get to hear bV's heartbeat again - next appointment is May 2!

P.S. - Things are getting a little facelift around here. Standby while changes are made! :)


Carrie said...

Love the nickname! Love your new design! Most of all, loved the pictures from Alex's birthday. What a handsome little man he is. :)

Kim and Steve said...

Excellent on all accounts! Give me a call, we will be there. Alex was sorely disappointed when he didn't get a play date last week (I didn't tell my kids he was even there, otherwise I'd have had TWO disappointed little boys). And I was wearing maternity at 9 weeks with Caleb, so I'm glad you made it this far:)