Friday, April 19, 2013

How we're different.

When it comes to raising Alex, I'm definitely the dreamer and Joey is the realist. Which, in fact, is a nice little balance because that means Alex will grow up to be a logical person who has the vision to see the other side of the rainbow.

For instance, Alex sees a water tower and instantly calls it a balloon. He and I play imaginary about all the things we could see from up in the balloon, and when we're done with that, Joey tells him that's it's actually called a water tower and explains how it works.

Or this morning, when Alex found Joe's old watch in a box and thought he discovered the world's greatest treasure. He went on and on with me about how he found a "new watch" and how he is such a great finder of things, and I told him he could be a pirate on a ship collecting treasures. When he went downstairs to tell Joey about his "new watch treasure," Joey explained that it was actually his watch, but he was sure glad Alex helped him find it.

I think it's important to have balance as parents. If Alex had two of me, he'd grow up to be a space cadet with a degree in underwater basket weaving and spend his life chasing unicorns. And if he had two Joeys, he'd probably end up with lots of wedgies and wearing a pocket protector. But since he's got both of us, he can still chase unicorns and dream big, but will always be the smartest pocket protector-wearing person in the room.

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Lindsey Wolfe said...

Thank you for forcing me to stifle my laughter at my desk at work! ha! Yay for unicorn chasing!!!