Thursday, April 25, 2013

My pregnant self has the same cravings as my 17 year old self.

And to whatever stoner who was on the marketing team responsible for creating this Munchies Cheese Fix blend of amazingness, THANK YOU for being a pothead and THANK YOU for creating what I believe to be the ultimate in snack nirvana. I knew it would be one of you that achieved snacking greatness. Way to go, kids. Way to go.

Also shown: my super kickass mousepad, which was a Christmas prezzie from my pal Jackie.


Mrs. C. said...

hahaha I love this because I am just about 13 weeks pregnant and I was craving this exact same thing yesterday!! My husband and I had a whole conversation about how delicious they are!

Carrie said...

I can't tell you how many bags of Munchies I polished off when I was pregnant... And enjoy your Slurpee, too!! That was my Aunt's go to with all 3 of her pregnancies. :)