Friday, April 26, 2013

Our growing boy and also a PSA on vitamins.

Alex had his 4 year well visit earlier this week and is chugging right along his little kiddo milestones.

He's 44.6 lbs (95% percentile) and is 41.25" tall (71% percentile). In an unsurprising twist, our pediatrician told us we should probably expect a big growth spurt over the summer. I sort of knew that based solely on the amount of food he's been packing away lately. I swear sometimes he eats more than Joey at dinner!

I love our pediatrician. He's always so thorough in answering our questions and explains things in a logical way. For instance, we were asking about vitamins...and he asked if we buy them from Costco or another big box store (Of course we do. Have you met me?). Anyway, did you know that big box stores cannot and do not put iron in their chewable vitamins? This is because if a child were to get their hands on the entire bottle and consume it, he or she would be at risk for iron poisoning because there are so many pills in the bottle. So, if your child takes chewables, be sure to buy them from a non-big box store if you are worried about or at risk for an iron deficiency. When in doubt, check the labels.

And the same goes for gummy vitamins--ALL gummy vitams--even for adults. No matter the size of the bottle, it is scientifically impossible for iron to be suspended inside the gelatin of a gummy vitamin, so NO gummy vitamins actually have iron in them! So again, if you or your child take gummy vitamins and are at risk for iron deficiency, investigate some other options.

This PSA brought to you by my rockstar pediatrician and the letter I.

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Carrie said...

Hysterical sense of humor, fantastic writing AND practical information?? This is just too much... My mind has officially been blown. :)