Thursday, January 6, 2011

If Hard Work Were Really A Virtue, Then Mules Would Be Saints.

Do you know those days when it feels like you can conquer the world and you work like a bumblebee with roid rage getting what seems like everything but world peace solved? And then at the end of the day you look proudly at what you've accomplished and your to-do list is actually longer than when the day began? Yeah. I'm having one of those days weeks.

But in the spirit of happiness and Red Bull and sunshine and Cheez-its (all things that make me happy), I would like to introduce you to two of the newer loves of my life, one of which you haven't seen for awhile, and the other you will meet for the first time today!

It's Niephew!!!! Look how big (s)he's getting! Kelli's ultrasound yesterday predicted a holycrapgiantwhopperbaby at 6 lbs. 12 oz. ALREADY. Start praying for her girl parts, like, now.

And this adorable little bun in the oven is Jackson David, aka Alex's bff. His Momma, Lindsay, is a fab friend from college and I am SO PUMPED that she and her hubby are spawning a boy into the world. Jack and Alex will be bffs in college and have every class together and be giant study nerds, just like their Mommas. Hopefully they'll raise some hell along the way, too...because what's college without a few shenanigans?

The moral of today's story is that working hard eventually pays off. In the case of Kelli and Lindsay, their 9 months of basically the hardest work that exists (growing a human being from scratch) will be paying off very, very soon. Kelli in February and Lindsay in March.

As for me? Well, my hard work is mostly a work in progress. But cheers (Red Bull, vodka optional) to a productive weekend!

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