Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Obviously, I'm not 21 anymore.

My bf Caitlin graduated from Cooley Law School on Saturday. (Applause!!)

Obviously, since I'm her #1 fan, I was most definitely in the audience to whoop it up as she waltzed across the stage in her fabulous silver heels.

And obviously, I was also there to buy her shot after shot after shot to celebrate her achievements.

And obviously, we totally got kicked out of the bar.*

And obviously, I totally threw up that night.

And obviously, I paid for it the next morning.

Moral(s) of the story: My bf is the smartest ever and I am so proud of her. Additionally, I am no longer 21 and should probably not attempt a similar celebration in the near future. Also? Momma's still got it...in that a young suitor offered to buy me a drink!

*Let the record state that it was not our actions but the words of someone in our party that actually got him thrown out of the bar. Literally. We just had to leave with him because otherwise he would have ended up upside down in a trashcan somewhere on a sketchy corner in downtown Lansing.


Anonymous said...

Ah yes ... been there! It's dissappointing to realize that 21 isn't right behind you anymore ... and still have that friend who gets just as drunk and gets us all kicked out of bars, too :0) There's one in every group!

Jackie D. said...

Way to go Caitlyn, however I think that they should not make smart law students wear those poofy hats because they sure are funny looking:) Ha, ha.