Monday, January 24, 2011

Fabulous Five.

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Some of my favorite words start with the letter 'f'. Fabulous. Family. Friends. That one when I stub my toe. And today, I thought I would share with you Five of my Favorite bloggers. We're all a community here, so why not share the love?

1. Heir to Blair. Honestly, this should come as NO surprise to any of you, since I link up to her hilariousness about once a week. If she 'n Harrison aren't already in your feed, you need to hop on it ay-sap. She's a fabulous, fun writer (working mom!) with a bit of Southern Charm and sass...and is always, always good for a laugh when her mad Microsoft Paint skills come out. Oh, and it helps that her son, Harrison, is 17 flavors of adorable.

2. Harper's Happenings. I believe I actually stalked found Mandy and her little corner of the internets through Blair's blog, though I most likely cannot confirm this. Anyway, "The Haps" is another of my daily reads. Her lack of capital letters and love of narwhals are charming, and her daughter basically should be the poster child for cute kids everywhere. Oh, and in her spare time she also manages to author the Kidlet blog (fun and cool things for kids!) and last year opened her online vintage shop, Opal. And maybe there was that one time I called her my White Oprah. Just saying.

3. From Marriage to Motherhood. I've been 'ooh-ing' and 'aahh-ing' over Jessica's blog since way back when it was titled "An Atlanta Bride." At that time, she was blogging about her ah-maz-ing wedding (Seriously, it was ridiculous. The Knot Atlanta even gave her a four page spread!). Since then, she has managed to evolve her blog as her life has changed--chronicling her pregnancy and the birth of her beautiful daughter, Ilah. (Isn't that a great name?!?) Anyway, Jessica's blog (and heart) is truly a thing of beauty. She spices things up with home tours, letters to her daughter and many, many pictures. But be warned...reading through her posts about her daughter's recent 1st birthday party will most likely make you feel like a failure as a Mother.

4. Clemsongirl and the Coach. Oh where oh where to begin with Clemsongirl? She's as real as real can be...and since her boys are older, reading her posts usually feels like I'm getting a VIP sneak peak at my future. But if I can have it half as together as her and still be snarky and fabulous like Jenn, I'm in. Oh, and if you've ever heard me reference "Dietwhateversonsale," I totally stole that from her. Credit where credit is due, and all that jazz.

5. Money Saving Mom. This is actually one of about 5 "couponing" sites that I follow, and many of the freebies and great coupons I share with y'all from time to time are shamelessly stolen from Crystal. Oh, and get this: she and her husband paid cash for their first home. Yes, you read that right. Cash. Not to say that's a feat that everyone can accomplish just by rockin' some P&G Brandsaver coupons at Target, but like I always say....every little bit counts!

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Blair said...

holy xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo.

I am blushing all kinds of colors & THANK YOU.

Mandy said...

i will never forget when you called me your white oprah. sooo good, seriously made my life.

thanks m'lady!

From Marriage To Motherhood said...

Hope you got the email I sent you yesterday!? : ) Thank you so very much for the mention! So very thoughtful of you!!