Thursday, January 27, 2011

Poop pit crew.

So last night before we went to bed, Joe did the uge and checked on Alex to make sure he was all snuggly warm and comfy in his crib. He started to cough as he walked out of the room, indicating a smell of a certain odor.

It appeared that the little man had pooed in his jammies, which, in hindsight, has never actually happened. I thought he was incapable of pooping in his I know this to be untrue.

Not wanting to be horrible parents, we stood there dumbfounded/paralyzed for a minute or two debating what to do. Wake him and use the changing table? Attempt to change him in the crib? Spray some Febreze and hope for the best?

Opting for #2, we dropped the crib rail and went to town. In one, smooth motion lasting 30 seconds or less, I unzipped his jammies, Joe lifted his legs and wiped away the goodness as I swooped the new diaper under his tooshie and packaged him back into a bundle of jammie warmth. All while he snoozed and didn't move a muscle.

And somewhere off in the distance, I heard the crowd cheering, "the Van Wormers win the pole position!!!"

This isn't to say this was my proudest parenting moment, but it's close.

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