Friday, January 7, 2011

Overdue, But With Good Intentions.

Remember waaaaaaay back when I did that teaser post about a product review for the fine, fine peeps over at CSN stores? Welp, I'm here to make good on it!

Per uge, I have a swell excuse reason for why I'm just getting to this now...the product I received and reviewed was a Christmas present for Alex! And so, while it came in the mail very quickly after I ordered it, it sat under the tree wrapped in all its glory until Mister Alex tore it open on Christmas morning.

Behold, the KidKraft 2-in-1 Lego and Train Activity Table from

It was an all-around hit at the VeeDub house. It was a breeze to put together (score) and it's big enough to be useful for playspace and storage (double score) but small enough that it doesn't take up 4,789,357 square feet of my basement (hyperbole, but triple score).

The quality of the table itself is tip-top. The lid that transitions from a Lego table to a train track (train, track and Legos included!) is just brills. I do, however, wish that the magnets on the train were a little stronger. Alex gets frustrated when he's wheeling it along the tracks (with cute "tchoo tchoo" sound effects) and it doesn't all stay together.

We have yet to actually use the Lego side, mostly because Alex's current obsession with trains doesn't allow for us to play with or watch anything non-rail related.

In summary, I'm once again a super satisfied customer of In this particular transaction, we got a quality product at a great value--with free shipping to boot!

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