Thursday, April 29, 2010


Attention readers: I am secretly very, very angry with all of you who have known about the awesomesauce that is and did not share it with me.

SERIOUSLY! You've been holding out on some hardcore savings. What gives?

Honestly, the fault is really all mine for not checking it out for myself. I've seen banner ads here and there advertising "up to 80% off at local restaurants!" and the uber annoying popups telling me to "act now!" to receive "$25 in gift cards for just $2!" with some ridiculous coupon code like "MEAL" or "FOOD."

BUT IT'S REAL, Y'ALL. As my internet role model, Blair, would say.

Last night we planned to meet some friends for dinner at Black Lotus, a fab local brewery in Clawson. Support local businesses! As per usual, I googled "Black Lotus" & "Coupons" prior to our visit...but this time, the site that my search lead me to was I'd seen it before...but was I being tricked by the internets?

"Eh, what the hell?" I said to myself. It was $2. And if it was a scam, I was only out the cost of 2 large diet deliciousnesses @ McD's.

So I selected the $25 gift card, entered coupon code "MEAL" at checkout (good thru the end of this week), and wouldn't you know it...the whole transaction cost me $2! And I was able to pay with PayPal, which is always my preferred method of payment when I fear something is too good to be true. They have excellent customer service and a money back guarantee.

Each restaurant (and there are LOADS of them) does have different stipulations for their particular coupon - but all the ones I came across were totally reasonable and not unlike any other "fine print" you'd get from a similar offer. For instance, Black Lotus required a bill total (before applying coupon) of $35. Done and done. They did let us use it on alcohol (some don't - read before you buy!) and an 18% gratuity was automatically added to our check. Which is fine, we're usually generous tippers, anyway.

The long and short of it: I will absolutely use again, and I would like to apologize to the internets for thinking I was being tricked. Oh, and that $23 we saved this time around? Deposited right into little man's college savings. Word.


Our really empty nest said... is great, we use it all the time! Sorry I didnt share, I just assumed I was the last to know about it! And just an added hint, when you are going on vaca print coupons out before you leave, we do it and it is wonderful! Sue

Our really empty nest said...

I just purchased 6 certificates for gulf shores alabama, where we will be vacationing in 3 weeks, very awesome! We used it when we were in Hawaii also!