Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend Shenanigans.

It was a kid-free kinda weekend at the VeeDub house. Thank you, Grammi and Poppi. And what did we do about it? Did we take hardcore advantage of the time to mow the yard that so desperately needs it? To prep the flower boxes for planting? Or any of the 964 other things on our "honey do" list?

Oh hellz-to-the-no. We slept until 10 am. Ate at restaurants where 12 month old children are generally frowned upon (here). Drank Red Bull & Vodka and chatted with friends over copious amounts of sushi (here). Watched CSI Miami on DVR until I could no longer take Horatio Caine and his overly dramatic one-liners seriously. Shopped without a stroller and diaper bag (here). AND IT WAS GLORIOUS.

But at the end of the weekend, it was nice to have Alex back and settle back in as a family over some Pizza Hut and Oberon. Oh, and about 5 loads of laundry that I successfully avoided until Sunday evening.

Which reminds's Oberon Season, people. If you were born in a barn (or, alternatively, didn't receive an undergraduate degree from the great University that is Western Michigan), I urge you to hightail it on over to your local pub and holler to le bartender to fetch you a tall glass of ice cold heaven. Mmmmm, Oberon.

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