Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Worth Millions And Millions Of Words.

Yesterday you got the sneak peek...and today you get the full Monty! Yes, nudity is even included...though his naughty bits are conspicuously concealed by a vewwy strategically placed cake.

To view the entire album from Alex's photo shoot, visit http://supton.photobiz.com/cart/. Enter your own email address and use password avw. Fair warning, you might just pass out from all the cuteness.


christa said...

so beautiful, and you have such a gorgeous family! have more babies! i cant believe hes already 1! omg how time flies! so cute tho and seriously you are as drop dead gorgeous as karen say, but ive always thought you were pretty! love the new photos!

Emily said...

So stinkin' ADORABLE!!! Liam looked at the pictures and said "Aww! He's so cute!"

KimnSteve said...

Those are great shots! How in the world are you going to choose which ones to print?!