Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Six Minutes.

All the time I have to post today, as I'm in a Photoshop training course for work. Very cool stuff, actually. Wish I'd gotten on the bandwagon sooner.

One thing to note: I like old people, really I do. I think it's cute when they hold hands in parking lots and even cuter when they sit next to each other in booths at restaurants and order off the senior menu. However, old people should NOT take advanced computer classes. Let me rephrase that so I don't sound like an old person hater with no soul. Old people that cannot see the 32" widescreen monitor in front of their faces and aren't really sure what a "mouse" is should not take advanced graphic design courses. It's just wrong. And frustrating.

In other news, my instructor looks like a beach bum displaced from the shores of Hawaii and sounds exactly like Jerry Seinfeld. Very, very hard for me to concentrate because all I see is him and Elaine on a surfboard wearing coconut bras and catching wicked waves somewhere in the Pacific.

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