Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Best $ I EVER Spent, And I'm Not Talkin' 'Bout Ke$ha.

Yesterday was the day that the fated cleaning lady visited my house. Let's call her Fran, shall we?

Fran rolled into our driveway before we left for work. I gave her a quick tour and we high-tailed it off to work and let her do her thang. Yes, unsupervised. She came highly recommended from a friend, so I was cool with it.

I was secretly super duper nervous, because no one other than my Mom and Kelli have really ever explored the dusty, diapery, dog-hair-filled inner-workings of the VeeDub household. Would she scrub to my expectations? Wipe to a streak-free shine? Vacuum in perfect rows?

Let it be known: Fran did not disappoint.

I literally cried when we got home. Our house was sparkling. Like, she even washed the outside of all the windows. And boy did they need it! She folded laundry. Changed the bed sheets. Put away dishes in the diswasher. Not a single nook or cranny was left untouched. For crying out loud, the woman cleaned places I'd never cleaned! Even Alex enjoyed her work - he squealed with delight crawling around on the hardwood floors because I'm pretty sure he could see his own reflection.

It's seriously the best money I have ever spent. If you can make it happen, do it. Go out to dinner a few times less every month. It's not as expensive as you'd think, and I promise you won't regret it. I plan on making it a monthly celebration until it gets old. Which, let's face it, is never.

Oh, and if you're local, shoot me a note if you want Fran's info. I'll share her. :)


Chardonnay said...

That really does sound well worth it. Maybe one day when/if I'm a working mom I can justify it. Mostly I wanted to comment because of the cuteness of the moment. OMG!! It melted my heart!!!

Andrea Schultz said...

I've been tellin' people this for years...I even had one when I was single :) it's the BEST EVER...I would give up, many, many other things before I would give up my cleaning person...glad it worked out!

David and Kelli said...

David is even more convinced this is the best idea ever. Does Fran come to CT? Who was the recommender?

Ebonie's Mummy said...

So she will come monthly?
With bub #2 on the way I had thought about hiring a cleaner fortnightly to help out and now I am even more determined to do so : )
Its great you found someone you trust too.

Lindsey Wolfe said...

Does she come to Ann Arbor?! We hired one for a one time thing after Logan was born. It was a gift from one of my aunts. Yeah... I was SOOO disappointed by it all. I'm happy it worked out for you. Maybe I'll have to give it another try one of these days!

Emily said...

I got butterflies in my stomach at the thought of coming home to a magically clean house.