Monday, April 19, 2010

Go Green!

Let's start this Earth Week by being totally open and honest with one another, mmkay? I'm gonna keep this totally real. I'm not a tree hugger. I *gasp* use disposable diapers. I print far too many e-mails at work. I drive an SUV. I don't grow my own garden. Wait, does a Chia Pet count?

Hi-ev-uh, there are things we do in the VeeDub household to make Momma Earth happy. We do not drink bottled water. In fact, we use these. We drive one car to work, which reduces emissions and saves us moolah. We recycle. We occasionally save water on dual showers. Sorry for the mental picture, Dad. We use the squiggly lightbulbs. We use hand-me-downs and buy used when it makes sense. We rock recycled shopping bags and use travel java mugs.

Basically, what I'm trying to say is that not everyone can be Ed Begley, Jr. But there are little things you can do each and every day to green up this planet and make it better for future generations. *cough*Alex*cough* And, there's often something to sweeten the deal for your wallet, too.

Exhibit A: Target is currently embracing the green movement by offering a "reward" of sorts for recycling your plastic shopping bags. Did you see this insert in your Sunday paper's Target ad? Brills! Just mail in 5 Target bags (no postage required) and they will email you a coupon for $1 off a reusable shopping tote. LOVE it!

Oh, and every time you take your own bag to Target, you get 5¢ off your total purchase. It might seem small, but every penny counts, right?

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Jackie D. said...

I was at Target yesterday and they give you a free reusable bag in honor of earth week. So technically you can get a free one and do the send in the plastic bags thingy and get yourself another one :)

I mean seriously, has anyone ever gone to Taregt and walked out with 1 bag? Not me :)

And P.S.S. Moosejaw is having a 20% everything sales, so you can get yerself a cute reusable bottle for your wawa on sale :)

Long live Mother Earth - AMEN!