Thursday, January 16, 2014

A different type of bar(re) code.

January is the month of the Resolution. And for me, it's also the month of giving up on those Resolutions. So for 2014, I'm not setting any hard and fast goals. I simply resolute to the following:
  • I will be happier.
  • I will be more spontaneous.
  • I will be healthier.
That last one is tricky--I'm purposefully not attaching any lbs. or inches or stupid half marathons to it. Because, as we all remember, the only time I run is if it's from a bear or toward a Qdoba. I digress.

In the effort of committing to that last goal, I was delighted when a friend of mine approached me about a very cool opportunity. She is the co-owner of a new fitness studio local here to Metro Detroit, Barre Bee Fit, and dropped me a line asking if I would be willing to try out their classes and also share the experiences with a few friends to help spread the word about the studio. Very interested, party of 1 right here.

Here's the awesomesauce news: I'm committing to sweating it out in 6 classes over the next 30 days and I want to bring YOU with me for free! (Sorry in advance to those readers not in Metro Detroit!) So, if you live within driving distance of Birmingham, Michigan and you want to join me in trying to "Live by the Barre Code," keep reading.

When I was contacted, I honestly didn't know much about Barre Bee Fit, other than I assumed it incorporated some kind of ballet. Hi, barre. Duh. After a little more research on my part, I've learned that not only do the classes include the ballet barre, they also incorporate choreography, weights, kettlebells, and resistance training. There are 8 different types of classes that you can sign up for depending on your target areas, time commitments and goals. I AM ALL ABOUT THIS. (Personal disclaimer: I'm willing to try all the classes except the Barre Burn, because I'm not interested in dying.)

So, do you want to spice up your workouts? Try something new? Come "Live by the Barre Code" with me! I'll choose 6 readers to join me in 6 different classes--and no worries, we'll work around both our schedules to make it work. I'll chronicle my experience here on the blog...always good for some entertainment.

How to enter? It's easy! Simply "like" Barre Bee Fit Metro Detroit's Facebook page and leave a comment here and tell me one of your New Year's Resolutions. Or, if you're not into blog comments, shoot me an email at kveedub{at}gmail{dot}com. I'll select 6 readers by January 24 to join me!


bhan said...

This sounds so exciting! I am a bride-to-be with my main 2014 resolution being shedding it for the wedding :) I am a barre class lover (tried a bunch but not Barre Bee Fit yet) and would love to join you!

Keliann Johnson said...

Would it be wrong to say "drink more"? Seriously, I too resolve to become a healthier person for myself and my children :)