Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hello from us.

I never go around to sharing the photos we had taken around Christmastime. I think I was busy? Or drunk? Or something.

Anyway, the story of picture day is sort of hilarious. We had the photographer scheduled to come to our home at 10 am. I was so excited--our first photo shoot as a family of 4!

That morning, we all sat down to breakfast (mmmmm...Cinnamon buns) around 8:30 am. Harper was nommin' on her bottle and we were all in our unshowered, early morning glory.

Imagine my surprise when the doorbell rang at 8:45. It was our photographer. For our NINE am photography appointment. Come again?

After I picked my unbrushed teeth up off the floor, I had to haul it. She had other appointments lined up that day, so it was use my 9 am slot or lose it. Story of my life.

Long story short, I was showered, dressed, makeup-ed and ready to rock in 13 minutes. A RECORD. Since boys are lucky and don't have to worry about blowdryers, Spanx and makeup, Joey got Alex and Harper dressed and we were smiling for the camera in no time flat.

I always get anxious on photo days--I don't know why. Maybe it's the pressure to look just right, smile just so, and ensure everything is picture perfect. C'mon, though...that's not real life. Something hit me as I was sweating profusely that morning, running around like a madwoman to prepare for pictures in record time. I started laughing and thought to myself, "Well, these are pictures I will NEVER forget."

And I won't. I checked myself at the bottom of the stairs and reminded myself that that's what pictures are for. They are to preserve a moment in time. A precious snapshot of a time, a year, a moment that I will never, ever get back. So what if Alex's socks don't match and Harper needs a diaper change and Joey's glasses meed to be cleaned and I may or may not have deodorant on? That's what it's all about--capturing REAL life. And that morning, we captured our reality:

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