Monday, January 27, 2014

Real life.

I got hit by an unwelcome truth bomb this morning: if you were to look at my half of of the bathroom countertop, you might think I'm 476 years old and also very smelly. Here's why:

Legitimately that hot mess contains no less than 11 different age-defying moisturizers and serums (none of which are actually doing anything about my early onset oldness), 4 brands of deodorant (necessary?), 5+ hair products worthy of Rapunzel's locks and enough Birchbox samples to get me through the next Polar Vortex.

I know. I have a problem.

But you see, this problem is SO SATISFYING...and I know that most of you probably share the same problem, amirite? As for me, I'm a product whore and am TOTALLY ok with it. So, I thought that today I would share my top 3 body, skin and hair products. Try to find them a-la-Where's Waldo in the above photo.

  1. Aquaphor. I know what you're thinking, and no, it's not just for the childrens anymore. I use it for all the things. Under and around my eyes before bed, as a cuticle moisturizer, on my feet (with socks!) as an overnight softener...and pretty much anything else. It's the bomb dot com of moisturizers in my world.
  2. Marcelle BB Creme Golden Glow. The underexaggeration of the century would be that this stuff has changed my life. For real. I got it as a sample in my Birchbox last year and it's one of maybe 3 things that I've actually purchased in real size. It's a BB creme + bronzer but not in an "OMG I look like a Kardashian that got stuck in a tanning booth then went to a rave and got blasted with unicorn dust" kind of way. It's a universal shade, so it works for all skin types, which is necessary for me, as when I have to pick the shade myself I either end up looking like Casper the Ghost or Kevin Hart. In summary, it's the perfect mix of all things--moisturizes and gives that little extra glow to perk up my tired face.
  3. And for the hair, Chi Silk Infusion. On any given day, my hair can be my bff or my worst nightmare. More often than not, it's a hot mess and I wave the white flag and just rock a ponytail like it's my job. However, when I actually put 2.5 seconds into a real blowdry and style, this stuff rocks my socks. It's lightweight and smells absolutely devine. 
And for my next trick, I will attempt to organize my bathroom. But we all know that's not happening...

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