Sunday, January 26, 2014

Selfie Saturday.

Yesterday felt like a split family kind of day, as Joey lost his damn mind and went ice fishing from about 6am-4pm. As soon as he walked in the door, I flew past him like a Category 5 Hurricane in what was my first glimpse of the sun in about 3 days. Must. Breathe. Fresh. Air.

I spent my two hours of freedom at Target (which should surprise 0% of you) and in a somewhat shocking surprise, Home Depot and Lowes. Warning: I got crafty with my kitchen chandelier as inspired by my dear friend Sarah. It may or may not involve a can of red spray paint, vintage canning jars and Edison bulbs. But more on that later.

To share snippets of our days with one another, Joey and I sent selfies throughout the day. And what's a blog for than for sharing pictures of myself and my family?

They were in the basement, which is Alex's new self-claimed man cave. 
One might also call it Train Central. I think we're up to five different sets. It's fine. I think.

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