Friday, May 4, 2012

More progress!

Yesterday we stopped by the house and saw what I'm relatively sure is the start of basement walls. It's seriously incredible how fast it's all going up. Probably because I nag the builder every single day with "What are you guys doing today?" and "What will you be doing tomorrow?" Not unike Dora in Finding Nemo. But, whatevs.

Moving on.

I present to you, WALLS MADE OF CEMENT and a kid in adorable rubber boots!

With all the rain last night, I'm not sure if we'll see anything new today...but we're meeting tomorrow to pick out our hardwood floors. Insert inappropriate joke here.

Also, my friend since forever (lit-chrally, in the words of Rob Lowe) flies in from DC tomorrow. Remember Caitlin and Caitlin and Caitlin and Caitlin? Anyway, I'm picking her up from the airport and we're going to cause trouble, as exhibited by the aforementioned links 1-4. Please have bail money ready.

Also? I had a peach bellini for lunch today.

Best. Start. To. A. Weekend. Ever.

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