Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Divine intervention.

So this weekend was the dreaded garage sale. And as only my luck would have it, it poured rain on our first day, but the second day was an extreme delight. While I'll never do one again, it was worth it this time around since I had to go through everything in our house to move, anyway. And we made a cool $700 in the process. But seriously, never again.

 Rain, rain, go away!

Open for business!

Despite all my moaning and groaning about the process, there was a reason we had that sale. And it wasn't to make money, sell stuff, or meet various creepers. In a divine twist of fate, God actually had His hand in the weekend's events.

As I returned to our house early Saturday morning after putting out the sale signs, I noticed a scraggly older gentleman leaving our house. I noticed him not only because of his long hair, disheveled look and 12" long grey beard, but also because he was driving an old, rickety limousine. Weird, right?

As I got out of the car, I asked Joe what had transpired. Here's that story:

The guy got out of his junker of a limo and asked Joe if we were open. Joe said not yet, but told him he could certainly look around as he placed and priced the last few items. The guy said it was strange, because he never stopped at garage sales, ever, but he felt a strong need to stop at our house as he drove by. And he wasn't leaving until he found out why.

Admittedly, this creeped Joe out a bit. But as he talked to the man he learned that his appearance was disheveled on purpose. You see, he runs a ministry in downtown Detroit and has found that people are more receptive to his Message about Jesus if he "looks like them" vs. looking more clean cut. And he drives the limo because someone donated it to his ministry.

As they talked, Joe found himself uncharacteristically telling this perfect stranger more about our life--building the house, moving, Alex and other things. And then the man asked, "What about your wife? How is she?"

And for no uncertain reason, Joe told him about the tWIPs.

"That's it!" said the man. "That's why I am here. That's why I stopped. I am here to pray for your wife. To pray for her to find peace and healing."

Got goosebumps yet? 'Cause I do.

He gave Joe his card and asked him to call or email whenever we needed it. And then he got in his limo and drove away.

It's strange, sometimes, how these things work. God has His hand in all things. Even crappy garage sales.


Sarah and J said...

I LOVE how God works...even through garage sales!!!!

MikeMetzlerII said...

so did he buy anything? I guess that's not the point of the story, but I'm still curious. LOL

Meg said...

I love this story!