Friday, May 25, 2012


I know I'm way late in the Adventures in Minnesota posts...but there's just too much happening with the house to tell you of food trucks, ninja bike rentals and the best pasta I've ever eaten. Perhaps I will get to all that next week? In the meantime, I give you...WALLS!

Basically it's the coolest thing, ever. We weren't expecting to see walls yesterday, so when we drove around the corner it was quite the surprise. Alex calls this house "the different house," and when he finally saw it he started squealing, "THEY BUILDED IT! THEY BUIILDED MY DIFFERENT HOUSE!" It was so cute I punched myself in the face.

In other news, if you're my pal on Facebook you know that tomorrow is doomsday garage sale day. I'm dreading the day with every fiber in my being, since I would honestly rather set the house on fire and rebuild it my damn self than plan, price and prepare a garage sale. However, since we are pretty much selling everything except my new chairs (duh), Alex and the TV, we figured we might as well make a buck in the process. Rest assured, however, that anything that does not sell will UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES re-enter my home. Therefore, if you want a ton of free crap, show up on Sunday at 3 when we close up shop. Tricks of the trade, y'all.


Sara said...

That's super cute. My Alex calls our house, "The new big house!" When asked whose house it is he always says mommy's;) I love kids;)

Lindsey Wolfe said...

I'm 73.5% serious that you need to message me your address because I'm fairly certain your trash would be my treasures!!! lol