Monday, May 7, 2012

Today, I choose...

To laugh at the rain.

To celebrate life.

To smile much.

To count my many, abundant blessings.

To kiss my sweet Alex.

To hug my loving husband.

To happily remember my precious tWIPs, who were due today.


Here's to new beginnings.


Aliya said...

Thinking of you!

Ashley Paige said...

Thinking of you today, friend. Squeeze that ridiculously handsome three year old a little tighter and have an extra pint of B&J fro-Greek-yo.. Hugs!

Sara said...

Prayers for all of you. Especially your sweet angel babies. They are lucky to have an amazing family to love them.

Sarah and J said...

Today I choose...

to be so very thankful for your amazing friendship and all that makes you so fabulous!

Love you tons and tons!