Thursday, May 24, 2012


More things are happening at the house, though I can't tell exactly what. What I do know is that there were significantly more piles of wood (snort) than the day before and a higher quantity of scraps and other miscellanous hints of carpentry around the lot. Progress is progress, yes?

In other news, our current house has been on the rental market since Friday afternoon. Not even a week. This morning, we got the call that someone wants to rent it, but before our target date of August 15. We’re still waiting to hear what exact date they have in mind, but if it's reasonable we will have to make the decision if the peace of mind of having it rented is worth living out of suitcases for awhile. My gut tells me if that someone was interested only 3 days after we listed it that we would be OK to decline them and wait for someone who can move in to fit our timeline…but it’s the fear of the unknown, you know? BEING A GROWNUP IS HARD THINGS.

In other news, here's an epsiode of Cute Stuff My Kid Has Said Recently:

In a groggy state after waking up this morning to me opening the blinds in his bedroom...
Alex: Mom, God turned on the sun for me! He must have used his magic wand.

After calling out the colors and shapes of everything we were passing in the car...
Me: Alex, how did you get to be so smart?
Alex: Um, just because I am, Mom.
Me: Yes, you sure are.
Alex: Mom, I know all the things.

After passing a lake and asking if he and Joey could go fishing in it...
Me: What kind of fish would Daddy catch in the lake?
Alex: A bass. (Only he says "base" so it's WAY cute.)
Me: What kind of fish would you catch in the lake?
Alex: A bluegill.
Me: If Mommy went fishing, what kind of fish would she catch?
Alex: A pinkgill.

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