Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I have returned (though exhausted) from the dirrrrrty souf. And what a trip it was! I have so many stories to share - most of which will provide solid entertainment through at least next week. In the meantime, here are some initial highlights:

Michigan really needs to get a Jamba.
On the flip side, I'd probably gain 100 lbs., so
perhaps I'm better off with the occasional
travelling Jamba.

Brad Pitt's house in NOLA. Worth a cool $5.5M.
No one was home, but I may or may not have
done a little song and dance for the security cameras
and said 'Hi!' to the whole fam-damily.

Heeelarious onesie @ Hustler. There were also ones that
said 'I'm what happened in Vegas' and
'I'm hung like a 5 year old.' I'm obviously very mature and
could NOT stop laughing. Or taking pictures.

Fun facts: the oldest established Catholic
Church in the U.S. and also Walt Disney's inspiration for
Cinderella's Castle. According to Kodak, it's the #2
picture uploaded to online albums.
Ironically, #1 is Cinderella's Castle.

I also have stories involving a hamster, public intoxication, an overzealous tour guide, nerd conventions, and of course, the (unexpected) naughtiness of NOLA.

And if that's not enough to entice you to keep coming back, Cait will be guest blogging in the weeks to come. She's decided her first entry will feature vintage 'Kristi & Caitlin' shenanigans. I can only assume she'll reference the St. Patty's Day when we literally drank all day, the period of time between 3 and 18 years of age where we wore more Wet 'N Wild bright blue eyeshadow than any woman should ever admit, or perhaps that one time we played Monopoly for six straight hours and I couldn't stop farting. Either way, you'll be amused.


*cait* said...

well my first blog was going to be about monopoly and farting, but there goes the fun...

Andrea said...

Ugh wet & wild blue eye shadow...8th grade just came screaming back to me