Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I'll Have What He's Having.

As mentioned here, I'm not exactly Paula Deen in the making (though I do simply ah-dore her). And typically, 3 of 7 nights a week involve some sort of takeout, restaurant or fend-for-yourself-with-whatever's-not-alive-in-the-fridge for dinner.

We're slowly realizing that nights out aren't really as thrifty as they once were. I always, always look for coupons or we are smart about where we go (specials, deals-of-the-day, BOGO, etc.) so we typically dine on a dime, if you will. Hi-ev-uh, now that Mister Alex is pretty much scarfing down anything that's not nailed to his highchair tray, dinners out get a little more pricey. Sure, most kids' menus range from $3-6, but multiply that by a few nights a week and we're talking lobstah dinnah, people!

And so, my search for "kids eat free" nights begins. Google helped me find this resource, but it only has like 7 places in our general vicinity and it won't let you search an area, only city by city (annoying). This one isn't bad, and it's organized by day, which is nice. But no way to sort it to my liking. This one is my favorite as far as organization and ease of use - plus it looks like soon you'll be able to search by cuisine. Brills!

Basically, what it boils down to is that I'm cheap and I love to eat. And so does Alex. I love that he got the best of me. :)

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Jackie D. said...

Qdoba had kids eat free last summer.

This was before Lei Lei could actually eat cheese quesadillas, mind you...but I used to bring her with me and order her something (but it was really for me). I never had to 'ask' they just assumed she was getting something too, so they kind of gave it to me :)

The kids portion is pretty big too - like it filled me up perfect. Normally I will over eat there (no way, shut up...yes, I know - hard to believe).

Anyhow, it was fab for as long as it lasted. I don't know if they are doing it again this summer, but I think it would be great, since Leighton can now truly eat there!