Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lights Out.

The lights in the restrooms @ work are on timed motion detectors. That is, they automatically turn off after a period of non-movement (5 minutes or more) to conserve energy and save moolah.

When I went to take my afternoon whiz, the lights turned on as I opened the door. Movement! So just imagine my surprise when I heard a sneeze in the handicapped stall. After a sneak peek under the door, I confirmed that someone (wearing very cute red alligator high heels) was sitting in the chair that's parked in the handicapped stall.

Isn't that super weird? I went in a few minutes later to make sure it wasn't a dead body and the red high heels were gone. And don't think I didn't walk the halls casually looking at everyone's feet to find the culprit, because I did. No luck.

I don't know about you, but I usually take my naps/breaks in my car. Or in a conference room. Or anywhere that's NOT a bathroom.

Le gross.


Anonymous said...

LOL!! I would have done the same thing!!! So they were sitting on a chair or were you referring to the toilet as a chair? Because that may put this story into a new cateogry of WEIRD for me!! :0)

Kristi said...

No, there's literally a chair in the handicapped stall. Not sure why, but there's one in all the handicapped stalls aroud here. Very strange, I know.

Emily said...

When I worked as a co-op at a middle school I was the copy girl. I had to stay all day in this little copy room that had an attached tiny bathroom. It would get so warm in there from the copier and I would get soooo sleeeepy, so yes, I have taken a nap in the bathroom before. The toilet paper roll makes a very nice pillow!