Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cycle It Forward.

This is a gratuitous post for my incredible baby brother, Kyle. Soon, he'll suit up and ride 50 miles (on a bike--crazy boy!) in an event called 'Cycle the Campus,' which raises money and awareness for His House Christian Fellowship at Saginaw Valley State University.

I can't even begin to tell you what HHCF means to me, personally...and I wasn't even a part of it! Kyle became involved as a wee freshman at SVSU and as a part of the program and its ministry he developed into an amazing man with such a passion for life, love and faith. The friends, mentors and families that he met while he was involved with HHCF remain a cornerstone in his life and are just so awesome that I can hardly stand myself when they're around. Amazing people, truly.

Honestly, I would be proud of Kyle if he ate grass (which he did when he was little, for what it's worth), but to watch him grow into the incredible man of integrity that he is today consistently blows me away. And I firmly believe with all my heart that part of his awesomeness was molded by HHCF. I don't think I tell him often enough, but he's one of the most special men in my life, and I'm so proud to call him my brother.

So why the sappy moment and the weird story about riding bikes?

I'm calling on my internet peeps to help a brotha (literally) out. Please make a (tax deductible!) pledge to support the 'Cycle the Campus' HHCS fundraiser! I don't care what it is ... $1, $5, $78,456,789 ... whatever you can afford or are moved to give. I promise to post pictures of Kyle in naughty spandex and a silly bike helmet for every dollar raised!

Click here to make a donation. Select that your donation goes a rider and choose 'Kyle Talicska' from the list of names (sorta near the bottom). Oh, and to make it easier, there's a friendly little link to PayPal, too!

And if you are not able to support with greenbacks, please keep Kyle and his rump in your prayers...I'm pretty sure 50 miles on a bike isn't really friendly on the manbits, if you know what I'm sayin'.

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Stephanie said...

I feel the same about my brothers. Its amazing watching them become men. I had to donate after I saw 50 miles, holy crap! Good Luck Kyle!