Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day.

Sunday was a relatively low-key day at the VeeDub household...just how we like it. In the world of gift-giving, I think I did pretty well this year. I got Joey hand-stamped silver collar stays from a sweet etsy store. One says "baby loves joey" (also on his wedding ring) and the other says "alex loves daddy". I know. Awesomesauce.

Alex got his Daddy a book called "Geek Dad." I He saw it in last month's Parenting magazine and just had to get it. It provides instructions for all sorts of cool/geeky father & son projects - like making a WORKING lamp from Legos. Again, awesomesauce.

We took a little trip to Great Lakes Crossing to visit Joe's personal Disneyland, Bass Pro Shop. We also got Mister Ragamuffin's hair cut. Behold:

Sleeping pre-haircut.

Being awesome during haircut.

Sleeping post-haircut.

 Best. Kid. Ever. He also happens to have the best Daddy, ever. I love my life.

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