Sunday, May 1, 2011

Life as I will forever know it.

On this, the first day of May, as I sit in the basement with two boys - one glued to the Red Wings game and the other rapidfiring holes through the knees of his jammies in what is quite possibly his 90th lap around the couch with his "fiohtwuck" - I'm reminded that my life is full of smelly boys. (But I love it, remember?)

Anyway, here's the knowledge his Dad is imparting on him at a mere two years of age. Note he's not differentiating the art of wedge vs. pump. Le sigh...

I'm also realizing that I've posted more videos on le blog in the last few weeks than I have...well...ever. That's mostly because I'm trying to get more use out of my Flip camera (which I love and is also, sadly, never being sold again. So get yours now for like 5 pennies at Target while you still can). Oh, and also because most every picture I have is blurry because Captain Movesalot's current record of sitting still is at a whopping .7 seconds. Cheerio!

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