Tuesday, May 17, 2011

ABM3 on your iPad/iTouch/iPhone.

I know, I know, I know. I'm totally hip to the times. And slowly taking over the world...but I digress.

Today I have for you some instructions on how to get the exclusive, limited time, (lies!), one-of-a-kind, magnificent "...and baby makes 3" custom homepage button for your iWhateveryouhave. Like zees:
With just one touch, you will have all of my musings and rants at the ready. Jill and Kelli, I'm talking to you. Joey, you should probably do this too. If for nothing to stroke my ego and prove this wasn't an epic waste of time.

Simply open this little blogeroo the old fashioned way (for the last time - savor it!) and press the "+" key on the bottom of the page (top for iPads). Then select "Add To Home Screen."

My icon should now magically appear! Simply name the button. Something along the lines of "Kristi is crazy" or "Alex is the bomb" should suffice. Or go with the refined, yet traditional "ABM3." Then press "Add" on the top right corner of your screen.

VIOLA! You're welcome.


dave said...

To share my savviness, I did this at Christmas time! Yay for me! My icon for your page just looks different :) but I'll totally grab the new button. Love it!

Kelli and David said...

that comment was from me, not dave :)