Friday, May 27, 2011

Sneaky bid-ness.

Please take a moment to study this photo, taken a little over a year ago at a restaurant in Connecticut:

Now, I draw your attention to this photo, taken of my red-plate (more on the meaning of that next week) Mother's Day breakfast a mere two weeks ago. Yes, it was scrumptious.

Notice anything in particular? Hmmm??

MISTER ALEX IS A FOOD THIEF! Note to future dinner dates: watch your plates carefully!


Anonymous said...

O that's hilarious!!

Best he never dine with Joey from Friends ;0)

Lindsay said...

Dearest Kristi,
This is my favorite post. I showed it to Mike and we both laughed for about 5 minutes. Seriously. SO funny. I'm sure it helped that we were both a little sleep deprived when I showed it to him, but still...

Thank you for making our day!