Monday, May 2, 2011

Advice for Moms, albeit unsolicited.

This blog is not a political forum. In fact, I'm quite sure that if you go back and read every single one of my posts from start to finish, you will find nothing even remotely political in nature. I roll my eyes at Joey when he posts his rants and raves all over Facebook, because for me, it's a private matter. You have your opinions, and I have mine. This blog isn't for red vs. blue. It's for wedge vs. heel, pacifier vs. thumb, margarita vs. wine ...and the like.

HOWEVER, when I read this post from Clemsongirl today, I was moved to tears. Literally. Since Alex is so small, I never really thought about the impact recent events have had on parents that have to explain these things to their children. I'm of the parenting 'world of truth,' and when Alex is old enough to comprehend such matters of the world, I will be open, honest and age-appropriate with him, just as Clemsongirl was with her cutie patooties, Jack (8) and Ryan (10).

I think as a network of Moms, it's important to lean on one another and get advice from those who have lived it, talked the talk and walked the walk. I'm willing and eager to learn from those who have been in the trenches of Motherhood and earned those badges of honor. Some of the best tricks I know were nuggets of wisdom from other Mommies...and in some way, I like to think that's part of the circle of life. You give. You get. And everybody's better because of it.

So thanks, Clemsongirl, for being open and honest with your kids. I couldn't agree with you more - God bless America and God bless our children.

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clemsongirlandthecoach said...

Thanks sweets. All kids are different, but it was right for mine.