Friday, December 10, 2010

Hilarity Ensues.

I'm in CT visiting the Kelli, the David and the Niephew. As such, I have little to no time to entertain you this weekend.

But being the resourceful and benevolent blogger that I am, I've crafted a Plan B, which really just means that I read something today that I loved and will hyperlink it below for your ease of clicking and reading. Odds are good you might honestly pee yourself when you read it. The captions stole it for me.

Click here to laugh until it hurts.


Holly, Olivia and Caroline said...

OMG - that black and white one with the naked guy is hilarious!!!! The Christmas card one gets second place though. Thanks for the laugh!!

Jamie said...

Have fun in CT!!!! :)

Jamie said...

Oh. And as a follow-up comment, those pictures are ridiculous! LOL Can't even believe that these are legitimate ... unbelievably funny.