Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fun At The Hartford Children's Science Center.

On one of the rainy, yucky days in Connecticut (ok, let's be rains there like 99.9% of the time), we took Alex to the Hartford Children's Science Center. Kelli and David had heard great things about it, but I was nervous that at only 20 months, Alex might be a little young.

Boy was I WRONG!

We had an absolutely incredible time. Each level (there were 6 total) had a different theme. His favorites were the water room, the "engineering" floor and the nature exhibit.

Fun in the water exhibit!

These were cool race cars that you placed different
weights on to race down the track. He LOVED it.

This was a fun air game - you had to point the air
coming out of the cone at a beach ball and try to
move it through a hoop.
I was the only one to actually do it. Snaps.

The big boys playing a racing game with sailboats.

Fun in the erosion exhibit.
Chalk that one up to "things I never thought I'd say."

He was looking through the glass at the ant farm &
my Mom asked him what they were and he said, "Bugs."

Loves fish, just like his Daddy.

It was such a fun day spent making great memories. If you have kids and you're traveling to new places, be sure to check out the local attractions. We even were able to snag a deal on tickets by purchasing them online in advance. Culture = good.

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