Monday, December 20, 2010

Alex Loves His Cousin.

"Is the baby in here, Aunt Kelli?"

"Listen here, baby. You might be the newest,
but I'll always be the first!"

Oh, and Caitlin, Jamie and Holly: please pardon the U of M jammies. They were a gift. Also, we like to weave "Michigan" into Kelli and David's subconscious as much as possible. You can't blame me for that!


David and Kelli said...

Dear Cousin Alex: I love you very much and I had SO much fun playing with you when you were here. I can't wait to come out and meet you and hear you squeal "BABY!" when you see me. My Mommy and Daddy just adore you! Thank you for loving me lots. xoxo Baby V

Anonymous said...

Absolutely precious!!

Jamie said...

I adore these pictures! And you're right. The jammies notsomcuh. But you do make a good point: let's encourage Michigan as much as possible! :) Merry Christmas, friend!