Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hair-lemma. Oh, And Coupons.

As mentioned previously, I'm currently growing out my mane to donate to Locks of Love. And, as also foreshadowed, I'm losing my patience and slowly losing the will to keep growing.

10 inches is the minimum length (That's what she said. Snort.) for Locks of Love. And upon further research, Pantene has a program called Beautiful Lengths that only requires 8 inches (double snort). I could chop off what I have right now and meet that does that make me a cheater?

Seriously. This ponytail is out of control. To "switch things up" a bit, I parted it on the other side today. A part! That's the best I can do to get any form of variety out of this mop. I'm annoyed and losing patience.

Methinks that I'll be a Beautiful Lengths donator the day after Boot Camp is over. Yesyesyes...zees ees zee plan.

Oh, and in unrelated news, Gap's Give and Get program runs August 26-29. You get 30% off at Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy (and outlets!) and the charity of your choice will get 5% of your purchase. Charities include (click the links to get the coupon): The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society; World Wildlife Fund; Feeding America; Global Fund's Project (RED); Big Brothers Big Sisters; and Teach for America.

As always, you're welcome.


The Agnello Family said...

Hi you need to get an email from the Gap for the 30% off. I usually get one but didn't this time. I have a few things to pick up for the girls and would LOVE the discount! If you got an email would you mind forwarding it to me. Thanks so much! I'll FB you my email address.


Christy said...

Just a random note on the hair donation. I "heard" that Pantene uses way more of the hair donated than Locks of Love. I'm considering donating too and one of my friend mentioned this. Just something to look into. It'd be sad to see your beautiful hair not get used. Ya know?!?! Good luck! (And keep us posted on what you chose.)